State Lines by Social South was launched in 2013, and has grown into a flourishing product line specializing in stylish, southern products. Our original designs are creative, fashion-forward and unique, and many are hand-drawn by our talented team of designers. It all started with a Mississippi poster, and now our line encompasses collegiate and state-inspired products for MS, LA, AL, AR and TN. *All designs are property of Snapshot Publishing, LLC (d/b/a State Lines) and may not be used by any Second Party without permission. Thank you. 

Social South Magazine features events from across the Southeast and keeps you up-to-date on the latest styles. We'll serve up some culture and divulge the hottest places to eat, south of the Mason-Dixon. Expect to read about design, sporting, travel, and more! We'll also give you the scoop on who's getting hitched and details on the nuptials. Social South is your resource for all things Southern and fabulous. Available in print, online, digital, mobile and app for iPad.